The Invisible Echo of the Object

If a part of us is lost unnoticed, despite us having been entirely unaware of it prior to its loss, we will come to feel a void inside ourselves. A void that awakens desires, that demands a quest of some kind. Sometimes oceans need to be crossed, in order to encounter the true equivalent of the emotions within which the source of this dreariness is to be found. At other times the source is hidden from the world perceptible to the senses and we are challenged to dive deep inside ourselves. Wherever it may lead us, we will definitely be challenged to cross geographical as well as physical borders, we will have to overcome a lot – thereby we will be changed and new desires will arouse. No end in sight!

An excursion of emotional coincidence behind the triviality of perception: arbitrariness in the affect- based movement. Vague determination of desire. Exposure time, definition, photo. In ignorance about the world, conjecturing contingencies, releasing the shutter - the lens opens momentarily and provides the observer with a glimpse into the unknown. For this brief moment the work moves away from of the rational and towards the fictional.

When photography reverses and, unaware of the captured objects, mirrors the seclusion of the hidden environments, it satisfies the heart of the discoverer. Resembling the compelling sound of the sirens, the senses beguile to take action. Stephan Schwarz in the labyrinth of microcosms.

Christian Reiner
Translation by Alexandra Leisser